Autex and New Zealand Rugby League - Loyal Supporters

As the original sponsor of the Kiwis from 1980 to 1986, Autex is known as a league pioneer in New Zealand. 

In 2011, Autex announced a new three-year sponsorship of the New Zealand Rugby League (NZRL) and the Kiwis, and in 2012, David Robinson was made an NZRL life member for his long-term support of the game. Rugby League coach Graham Lowe discusses his friendship with David and Autex:

"I met Dave in the late seventies and we formed an instant friendship. He allowed me into his thinking and encouraged me throughout my career. The Autex $100,000 sponsorship from 1980 was the biggest and most professional sports sponsorship the country had ever seen. David and his board broke new ground, and set a benchmark in sports sponsorship that would take years for anyone to get near. 

"Despite being so successful, Dave stayed a humble fellow with his Yorkshire accent and his love for history and the tradition of the game. Dave set high standards and expectations, and Mark and Rob Croot are the same. They help a lot of people and they don't do it because they have to, or that they can, but because they want to. And they've done it again by supporting Autex House for emerging players, the Point Chev Pirates, and the Lowie Foundation helping disadvantaged youth get back into education through sport.  

"Autex generally has a concern and willingness to help community, and you can't be around them without that generosity rubbing off on you. I have never seen in my career a more generous sponsor group than Autex, and they are doing it from a values base. They're not looking for anything in return, they do it hoping it makes a difference."