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Meet our six new Cube colors

From yolky sunrise yellow, to subtle dusky purple, our six new Cube colors span the full chromatic spectrum—a rich offering of refreshing, contemporary hues to round out the Cube color range. Like their Cube palette counterparts, the new colors get their names from iconic architectural masterpieces. A nod to the past for the designs of the future.

Whether it’s a pop, a splash, or a feature wall, we can’t wait to see the new colors come to life in your space.

Choctaw Cultural Centre: Acoustic panels double as traditional art

To honor, share, and celebrate the beautiful complexities of the Choctaw Culture, the Choctaw Cultural Centre was commissioned. A variety of custom acoustic solutions were installed in the space, doubling as traditional art through which elements of the Choctaw story are told.

Award-winning design serving up excellence at the University of New Mexico

Autex made a bold contribution to the award-winning remodel of the La Posada Dining Hall at the University of New Mexico (UNM)—garnering praise for the project's impact and success.

Mediaworks: noise sculpture wall spotlight

A feat of innovative design and out-of-the-box thinking, the Mediaworks building tells the story of radio—a medium rich in history and soul—through a brave, game-changing fitout. The Autex design team worked alongside architects Warren and Mahoney to create three bold, custom, acoustic feature walls for the common areas, and high-performance treatment for the studios.

Let’s create something extraordinary

As creators and innovators, we understand the pursuit of the bold and unusual, the rare and exceptional—the brave, color-outside-the-lines ideas. Every space you design is unique, therefore, every element—from floor to ceiling—should be tailored to fit. Our customization tools offer unique avenues for creative expression to help you achieve your vision—all that’s left to explore are the boundaries of your imagination.

This is what the future sounds like

With sustainability at the forefront of our design practice, we work hard to ensure every Autex Acoustics product is contributing to a brighter, greener future.