Frontier Acoustic Raft

Create sophisticated ceilingscapes

Frontier™ Acoustic Raft is a modular acoustic system designed to communicate with the space via the adjustable channel and clip system—allowing for complete control over the height, spacing, and placement of each individual component. Hover over the pinpoints below to explore the system in action.

Custom Frontier<sup>™</sup> system for Headingly Stadium’s Emerald Suite

Completed in 2019, the new Headingly Stadium hospitality space boasts eight event suites, 12 meeting rooms, and 36 hotel rooms, designed to be a world-class venue and corporate destination. Raft was chosen for the space because of its sleek aesthetic and effectiveness in open-plan environments.


How a caravan awning inspired an innovative acoustic system

How a caravan awning inspired an innovative acoustic system

An expansion on the Frontier™ system, Raft was developed by the Autex Design team as a multifaceted, three-dimensional approach to interior acoustic solutions.

Frontier Acoustic Raft offers targeted sound absorption, endless configurations, and stress-free installation without compromising acoustic performance.

Frontier is an innovative acoustic system designed for today’s ever-changing open-plan workspaces, retail, education, and hospitality environments. Formed by just three elements—Autex Mounting Clips, Autex Frontier Extrusions, and Acoustic Raft—Frontier allows designers to mix and match colours and styles to create endless configurations and enjoy quick, stress free installations.

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