The greater indoors

Transforming interior spaces with innovative acoustic solutions

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The best of both worlds

Acoustic Timber is a beautiful, high-performance acoustic treatment designed to realistically imitate timber. Lightweight and semi-rigid, Acoustic Timber is made from 100% polyester fibre—giving you the option of an authentic timber look that achieves a high standard of fire compliance, and helps you meet seismic requirements. To ensure a natural, high-end finish, we have hand-picked a selection of premium woodgrains taken from real timber veneers—digitally printed on to the panel surface with a safe, water-based, UV cured ink. Available in Cube Panels and Frontier Acoustic Raft styles Beam 100 and Beam 250, Acoustic Timber is suitable for small to large scale wall and ceiling applications.

Designing successful hospitality spaces with acoustics

Applying acoustic treatment in hospitality spaces helps to maintain comfortable noise levels so the space feels alive, but not rowdy. Not only does this make it easier for patrons to hear and understand each other, but it lowers stress levels in staff and reduces the likelihood of servers making mistakes.

The Tompkins Park Sports Bar upgrade

Tompkins Park Sports Bar sits proudly on the bank of the Swan River, offering sweeping views of the landscape and the glittering Perth skyline beyond. The building is impressive, with high ceilings, a grand central hall, and glass walls overlooking the surrounding sports fields.Day to day, Tompkins Park operates as a sports bar, restaurant, community hub and function venue, catering to the needs of Perth locals aged five to 85.

Macquarie University’s Central Courtyard a vibrant hub for students

Designed by award winning architects, Architectus, the Central Courtyard redevelopment is Macquarie University’s largest transformation in 54 years—constructing a vibrant, central ‘hub’ for the University where students can relax, study, socialise, eat, and live.

Work-life balance in Melbourne’s bustling CBD

Located across four floors, the sleek corporate paradise centres around a grand ‘breakout space’—a glass and marble-clad oasis where staff can host casual meetings, relax and unwind, and socialise.

Let’s create something extraordinary

As creators and innovators, we understand the pursuit of the bold and unusual, the rare and exceptional—the brave, colour-outside-the-lines ideas. Every space you design is unique, therefore, every element—from floor to ceiling—should be tailored to fit.

This is what the future sounds like

With sustainability at the forefront of our design practice, we work hard to ensure every Autex Acoustics product is contributing to a brighter, greener future.