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Who are we?

Founded in 1967 on the principles of innovation and outstanding customer service, Autex is a New Zealand owned company specialising in the design, development, and production of interior acoustic products and insulation products made from thermally bonded polyester. Our team consists of highly-skilled and dedicated manufacturers, designers, engineers, creatives, and specification managers working to transform commercial and education interiors into beautiful and functional acoustically sound spaces. With sustainability at the forefront of our design practice, we work hard to ensure every Autex product is contributing to a brighter and greener future.

Redefine your environment with a wide variety of acoustic solutions designed to control reverberated noise. Create an ideal and productive environment for offices, schools, hospitality, theatres, and more. 


Create sophisticated ceilingscapes with Frontier Acoustic Raft

With a healthy dose of ingenuity, trial and error, and one inspiring caravan awning, Frontier Acoustic Raft was born—an innovative acoustic system designed for today’s ever-changing open-plan workspaces, retail, education, and hospitality environments.

What kind of insulation does your project need?

What kind of insulation does your project need?

Choose from a range of Autex industrial products for your next project.

  • Autex Duct Wrap (ADW)
  • Autex Partition Blankets
  • Autex Rigid Duct Liner (ARD)
  • Autex Soffit and Slab Liner (ASL)
  • Autex Baffleblock

Backed by a 50 Year Warranty you can trust.


Composition® Peel 'n' Stick Tiles

Composition® Peel’n’Stick is an acoustic fabric tile that features a self-adhesive backing.

Our sustainability journey

We're renewing our commitments and increasing actions to reduce environmental impacts now, and in the future.