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Learn about our commitment to the environment and how we’re fighting climate change. Leaders in sustainable and ethical acoustic solutions

Environmental certificates

Environmental certificates

It is our responsibility as a sustainable business to have complete transparency around our processes and product ingredients, which is why we choose to have them independently verified by a trusted selection of third-party accreditors. By upholding sustainable practices in every aspect of our business, we can feel confident knowing our environmental certifications are more than just a label.

Green building rating schemes

Green building rating schemes

Autex Acoustic products offer leading sustainability qualities and are the best option for green/ sustainable buildings. If you aspire to have your sustainable building certified then they also help you earn points in WELL, LEED, Green Star, and BREEAM certifications.

The Autex Sustainability Report

The Autex Sustainability Report

The Autex Sustainability report details our mission and vision, our sustainability strategy, and our five sustainability pillars.

Meet our six new Cube colors

From yolky sunrise yellow, to subtle dusky purple, our six new Cube colors span the full chromatic spectrum—a rich offering of refreshing, contemporary hues to round out the Cube color range. Like their Cube palette counterparts, the new colors get their names from iconic architectural masterpieces. A nod to the past for the designs of the future.

Whether it’s a pop, a splash, or a feature wall, we can’t wait to see the new colors come to life in your space.

Explore stunning spaces from around the world

We partner with architects, designers, and installers to create stunning, acoustically sound spaces. Read our case studies to dive into the design and construction process behind these beautiful projects from around the world.

Let’s create something extraordinary

As creators and innovators, we understand the pursuit of the bold and unusual, the rare and exceptional—the brave, color-outside-the-lines ideas. Every space you design is unique, therefore, every element—from floor to ceiling—should be tailored to fit. Our customization tools offer unique avenues for creative expression to help you achieve your vision—all that’s left to explore are the boundaries of your imagination.