For FCB, New Zealand's most effective advertising agency*, it was important to reflect their strong brand identity throughout their office space. This was so that both staff and clients could understand and feel a part of the culture of the agency. 

The Project

So it’s no surprise that New Zealand’s most effective Advertising Agency FCB*, turned to Interior Designers Ctrl Space for an office fit-out that reflects the success and passion of their staff and culture. Nominated for the Design Institute of New Zealand’s 2015 Best Awards in the Spatial Design, Office and Workplace Environment award; the FCB Wellington Office is an outstanding example of how design reflects the brand story and demonstrates the progressive, innovative culture of FCB Wellington.

Armed with a modest budget and a set of brand guidelines, project lead Sam Scrymgeour, set to work on the open plan office that consisted of meeting rooms and quiet zones that were visually stimulating and connected throughout the space. Consisting of long narrow passage ways, high ceilings and hard surfaces, including Brick Walls, desks and windows Sam Scrymgeour claims the space was an acoustic nightmare.

Familiar with the range of interior Acoustic solutions from Autex, Scrymgeour knew the design aesthetics of Autex range of interior Acoustics would provide a solution to the reverberation echoes whilst complementing the brand concept and Ctrl Space’s vision for the space. Scrymgeour also mentioned Autex’s dedication to providing designs and solutions that go beyond an “off the shelf” solution being a major draw card to working with them.


The Solution

To provide an Acoustic Solution for the long narrow hallway, Ctrl Space specified five Lattice Trapeziums, hung end on end; Lattice provided exceptional sound absorbing qualities that are partnered with modern design elements. Using five different colours from Autex’s range, Ctrl Space alternated the fins to create a smooth gradient that transitions from green “Bosco” to the red coloured Ironbank.

Another custom feature for the space was the detailed Screens that extend from the existing structural pillars and out over the workstation areas providing a shielding effect that gives the occupiers a space that is optimised for their purpose without the interference of surrounding echo and reverberation. These screens were cut from Autex Cube and required a detailed level of research and development to develop a system that interlocks together without the need for adhesives or fasteners, continuing Autex’s dedication to sustainable design.


Working with Autex

Autex are dedicated to research and development of their 100% polyester Interior Acoustic products. Autex are proud to work with their customers to create designs that are complementary and functional. Contact Autex to arrange a free consultation and reverberation calculation for your work environment.

* All of these specialist services are driven by award-winning teams who have been recognised with Best in Show accolades over the last 5 years – in effectiveness, creativity, media, social media, direct, digital and PR award shows, in New Zealand and internationally, winning FCB “Agency of the Year” in 2008 and 2010, “Media Agency of the Year” in 2007, 2009 and 2011, “Most Effective Agency” in 2011 and 2014, and “Campaign Brief Creative Agency of the Year” in 2014.