Industrial Warehouse to A-Grade Office

The Regatta Group’s newly converted state-of-the-art headquarters has been recognised as the UK Project of 2015 at the FX International interior design awards. Originally built as an arms factory during WW1, the Regatta Group’s industrial warehouse was transformed into a corporate office with the intention of housing its three international brands (Regatta, Dare2b, and Craghoppers), alongside retail businesses Hawkshead and Countryside. This award-winning £6.8m project inspires awe and evokes a sense of collaboration and community, as well as a feel for the great outdoors.


The Design Concept

Familiar with SpaceInvader following a 2013 design competition, Regatta Group approached the specialist interior design studio for a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind office that would represent and foster the group's individual brands and culture. This would, however, be no easy feat. SpaceInvader worked closely with each of the three brands to create a unique strategic space plan that would bring the brands together, while still reflecting their core values and image. 

The design concept proposed an internal landscape with three distinct neighbourhoods – one for each brand – and a separate zone for the professional support services required to run a global HQ operation. To convert the 60,000 square-foot warehouse into a collaborative and open office space, the acoustic solution required thorough consideration and planning. Jason Oak, Senior Designer at SpaceInvader, approached Autex Acoustics UK for a premium and personalised acoustic solution.


The CubeTM

Aware of the potential acoustic issues from the beginning of the project, Jason Oak meticulously planned the design concept to incorporate acoustic performance for a seamless result. Autex CubeTMin contemporary colours Savoye and Flatiron, was installed in various locations throughout the office to assist and improve acoustic properties, whilst also providing visual and acoustic privacy. Cube was chosen due to its robustness and aesthetic properties.

Cube was used in the canteen area to improve the acoustic performance of the space and function as a design feature in the ‘rooflights’.  The method of installing the Cube panel allowed SpaceInvader to have full freedom in their design approach, which was highly important as they required a fixed acoustic product with no visible fixings. Cube was also applied to timber walls/slats throughout the office for added acoustic and visual privacy.


New Offices

The new office is stunning, highly functional, and projects a striking visual interpretation of the brand – with characteristics of each brand incorporated into their neighbourhoods. The office areas are light and bright with excellent acoustic balance, allowing staff and clients to interact freely and comfortably. The transformation of the industrial warehouse into an A-grade office has also transformed the way in which the Regatta Group works and interacts with both clients and colleagues alike. Regatta Group HR Director Jo Radcliffe had the following feedback:

“Basecamp has immediately improved collaboration and communication. People are sending and receiving fewer emails because colleagues just get up and walk across for a discussion instead. The informal collaborative areas are used all the time as people come together to resolve operational issues and/or make decisions with much more speed and agility than before. In fact the formal meeting rooms are used less with colleagues meeting in the Campsite restaurant, in the booths, or just grabbing a coffee in an informal seating area.”

SpaceInvader is immensely proud of what has been achieved in what is a landmark project for both itself and Regatta group.  Jason Oak was thrilled with the end result and happy to have worked with Autex, saying that, “the Autex team are friendly, proactive, and offer great advice and assistance at all stages of the project, a real pleasure to work with.”