Think outside the box

A medium for creative expression, Print allows for complete design freedomAchieve natural high-end finishes without the cost, weight, and rigidity of materials such as timber, tile, and marble. Print solid colour, intricate patterns, and contemporary designs to create striking acoustic art pieces. Easy to colour match, we can print to your selected CMYK or Pantone palette ensuring colour continuity throughout your design.

With endless colour, pattern, texture, and graphic possibilities, Print gives new meaning to the word custom. 

Print in your space

Hover over the pinpoints to see how Print has been applied in the space.

The printer

The printer

Our six-head digital printer efficiently prints detailed images that are dry to the touch as soon as they’re printed, ensuring short lead times, and crisp colours and lines.

The UV cured vegetable ink has 170% flexibility, so it won’t crack or distort if the panel is folded into 3D shapes.

Key features and benefits:

  • Safe, water-based, UV cured vegetable ink
  • Low VOC
  • No MOQ’s and short lead times
  • Available across a range of high-performance acoustic treatments
  • Endless customisation options
  • Crisp colours and lines
  • Made in New Zealand

Custom Prints

For images:

File format: Jpeg or PSD (Photoshop file)
Colour mode: CMYK for PSD, RGB for JPEG
File setup: Images to be supplied at full 1:1 scale, resolution to be minimum 150 DPI, ideal 300DPI. Artwork to be supplied with dimensions noted. For prints at or below 1200x2400mm, a 10mm overprint bleed is required for cutting. For prints over 1200x2400mm or across multiple panels please get in touch with your account manager.

For patterns/vectors:

File format: EPS or Ai (Illustrator file)
Colour mode: CMYK
File setup: Patterns/Vectors to be supplied at full 1:1 scale with dimensions noted. Pattern repeats are recommended to be seamless. For prints at or below 1200 x 2400mm, a 10mm overprint bleed is required for cutting. For prints over 1200x2400mm or across multiple panels please get in touch with your account manager.

Print pattern

Stunning, vivid shapes; bold colours; intricate detail and fine, delicate lines; the possibilities with Print patterns are endless.

Print texture

The world of interior furnishings and finishes is at your fingertips. From natural wood grain to elegant marble and stone, Print textures transform our high-performance acoustic products into, literally, anything.

Print graphic

Create bold, beautiful acoustic feature walls with Print graphics. From murals and photos to branding and typography, our high-performance acoustic products are a blank canvas.

Print colour

Print vibrant, solid colour that matches your selected CMYK or Pantone palette and other interior furnishings, with safe, UV cured ink.



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