Why you need quality acoustics in your built environment

Leaders in acoustic innovation

We are leaders in acoustic innovation and dedicated to product development; our wide range of interior acoustic products are your solution to controlling reverberated noise

Acoustic solutions

Controlling reverberated noise can create an ideal and productive environment for offices, schools, hospitality, theatres and more.

100% Polyester Fibres

All of our interior acoustic products are made from 100% Polyester Fibres with no chemical binders and certified low VOC.

New builds and retrofits

Lightweight and easy to install, our interior acoustic products are suitable for new builds and retrofits.

Safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic

Made from 100% Polyester; our products are safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and contain no irritants.

Durability and long term performance

Our interior acoustic range holds a Group 1-S fire rating and is highly durable providing long term performance and stability


We're committed to applying sustainable practices across all aspects of our business, from the manufacturing process to safe and healthy working conditions for our