Nestled atop a Remuera cliff, this stunning Auckland home is a comfortable, stylish, functional work of art. Designed with acoustics in mind by Malcolm Taylor of Xsite Architects, the home is a sanctuary and escape from the bustling city it overlooks.


The Project

The living room, kitchen, and dining area are open plan – making the most of the stunning view, whilst being practical for living and entertaining. The floors are wooden, and large glass sliding doors create indoor/outdoor flow. The kitchen is sleek and minimalistic with a large antique granite bench dividing the kitchen and entertainment area. This elegant yet functional design does, however, provide an unseen acoustic challenge. With all the hard surfaces, the space could be very “alive” acoustically.  This would offset the clients’ need for the space to be a sanctuary capable of hosting a decent sized gathering, whilst remaining comfortable and easy for day to day living. As to not compromise the design, Malcolm realised the best way to solve the problem was with an acoustic ceiling.

The original idea was to construct a ceiling comprised of slats, with fabric and acoustic insulation lying on top. However, aware that Autex Industries specialise in making innovative acoustic products, the team at Xsite contacted Autex to explore possibilities. The decision to use Autex Workstation was made quickly, as the product is versatile, rigid, and customisable. It was a perfect fit.


The Results

For the best result aesthetically, each panel was made to be as long as the corresponding section of ceiling. Workstation panels were manufactured by Autex in custom sizes ranging from 1.6 meters to 5.0 meters in length. The panels were then delivered to site where the ceiling was pre-fabricated on a custom made jig. The sections consisted of cedar slats, with Workstation panel screwed into the slats from the top down. Once the ceiling sections were complete they were manually lifted and screwed securely into place. To ensure an immaculate finish, the screws were countersunk below the surface and capped flush with Workstation panel so that no fixings would be visible.

The space is usable and stylish, suited perfectly to its purpose. The Workstation ceiling blends well with the contemporary design, and the acoustics of the kitchen and living areas are soft and practical – whether the space is being used for relaxation, dinner for two, or a gathering of friends and family. 

Why you should choose Workstation for your next project

Design flexibility

We can transform,cut, mould, or build our products to create acoustic solutions truly unique to you and your space

Safer indoor environment

Does not contain harmful chemical binders or crystalline silica and are non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic