GreenStuf<sup>®</sup> Documents

GreenStuf® Documents

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Why is GreenStuf perfect for your home?

Fire safety

GreenStuf polyester insulation has been independently tested and assessed to the relevant fire standards for New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) compliance, including downlights.


GreenStuf will not settle or reduce its performance over time, and is backed by a 50 year product durability warranty.

High performance

GreenStuf insulation is not affected by moisture, is naturally resistant to insect and vermin attack, and meets relevant requirements of the NZBC.

Safe to touch

GreenStuf is 100% polyester (like a duvet) so there’s no nasty itching or scratching. It’s completely safe and does not require protective clothing when handling or installing.

Safer indoor air quality

GreenStuf does not contain any added chemicals such as formaldehyde-based binders or fibres that can be breathed into your lungs.

Recycled content and recyclable

GreenStuf is manufactured using a minimum of 50% previously recycled polyester fibre (from PET plastic) and is reusable and recyclable at end of life.

Local and proud

GreenStuf is proudly made in New Zealand for Kiwi homes.

Breathe easier

GreenStuf has been independently endorsed by Asthma New Zealand and accepted into their Breathe Easy programme as a product considered safe for
New Zealanders living with asthma.


GreenStuf is made under tightly-controlled manufacturing processes. To ensure GreenStuf is consistently of the highest quality, Autex Industries employs a team of experts to run a full-scale product testing laboratory on site.