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3D Tiles

3D Tiles are elegant, high-performing, acoustic wall art designed to provide effective acoustic control for any interior environment.

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Groove is a customisation tool; a series of precise, angular cuts designed to tactfully bend and distort light. From subtle patterns to hinges and joins for 3D sculptures, our Groove customisation allows you to explore the realms of possibility within the world of acoustic panels.

3D Ceiling Tiles

3D Ceiling Tiles are three-dimensional acoustic ceiling tiles that provide an alternative to traditional composite ceiling tiles.

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Accent Ceiling Tile

Accent Ceiling Tile is an acoustic ceiling tile that has been developed with a reversible finish for creative flexibility.


Cascade is a collection of acoustic hanging screens that can be suspended or fixed to ceiling space.


Composition® is an acoustic fabric made in solid colours that is designed to be used in the same way as wallpaper.


Cove is a slide-on acoustic divider for a quiet and sheltered desk space.


Cube is a lightweight and semi-rigid acoustic panel that can be used as a wall covering, creative medium and stand-alone feature.


Etch decorative fabric can be used as a standalone wall covering or select one of Autex’s acoustic backing options to provide a selectable range of acoustic absorption.


Frontier is an innovative acoustic system designed for targeted sound absorption for today’s ever-changing open-plan workspaces, retail, education and hospitality applications.

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Horizon is a range of floating acoustic panels, cut in a variety of design options, that create a cloud-like illusion when suspended.

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Lattice is a collection of acoustic baffles that are suspended or direct fixed to ceiling space.

Quietspace® Panel

Quietspace® Panel is a high-performance acoustic panel suitable for wall and ceiling applications.


Symphony is an acoustic fabric made in solid colours that is designed to be used in the same way as wallpaper.


Vertiface® is a versatile decorative fabric that can be used in a wide variety of applications from wall covering, to making lampshades, to covering furniture.


Vicinity Desk Screens are a simple, easily customisable, truly acoustic solution for the modern workspace

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