The original space was an old, dark, run down mechanic’s workshop complete with concrete floors and corrugated tin roof. The vision was to create an inviting, beautiful, flexible, and functional space to house Mildred & Co – a gift showroom and wedding registry focused on unique, modern, and designer based gifts. The Mildred & Co building also needed to function as a space for parties, events, and product launches whilst reinforcing the brand they were creating.  

The Project

Award winning architect Jose Gutierrez, in collaboration with owner Milly Nolan, envisaged a design which would create a sense of unexpectedness – maintaining the solid, industrial façade yet opening out to an spacious, open-plan, high-end area once inside.

The project was based around the aspects of dual-functionality, scale, proportion, reflections, light, warmth and acoustics.  Maintaining the high ceilings and concrete floors, matching materials to the corrugated roof while providing and crisp and clean approach, and removing old walls and lean-to in order to create a more open space and courtyard area, while making the space workable and enjoyable were just some of the challenges faced during the project.  Ensuring that the showroom was comfortable year round (day and night) and allowing for the inclusion of materials such as concrete, glass and lacquer led to the need for an acoustic insulation solution.

Working with the Autex team since 2010, Jose knew where to look for that solution – Autex Industries.

The requirements bought to Autex were three-fold; to provide insulation for warmth, to provide acoustic properties to minimise sound reverberation, and to provide an aesthetically pleasing look that would add to, not detract from, the other design features.


GreenStuf® Autex Acoustic Blanket (AAB) in black offered it all.                        

The black acoustic blankets provided insulation for warmth, acoustic properties to absorb sound reverberation.  And, being affixed with white battens allowed for the product to be installed as a design feature, keeping a clean image, matching the existing corrugate with the pattern it created.

According to ArchDaily, ‘The timber battens in the ceiling service to hold up acoustic insulation, filter natural light and also create a pattern that gives the space a more human scale.  They mimic the negative and positive undulations in the old corrugated iron roof’.



The Outcome

The combination of acoustic advice and knowledge based on experience and the superior range of 100% polyester acoustic insulation products designed for the reduction and control or reverberating building interiors, Autex was able to work with Jose to achieve an outstanding result for Mildred & Co. 

The outcome according to architect Jose Gutierrez is a, ‘Huge difference in sound, enabled [Mildred & Co.] to have high gloss concrete floors, glass windows and lacquered cabinetry, have no worries about ‘hard’ surfaces affecting reverberation’.

And what impressed Jose most about the process of including GreenStuf AAB in the design for Mildred & Co? ‘[My] Account Manager was able to provide expert advice and consultation helping to complement the initial building design. The black of the GreenStuf AAB disappears into the look of the architecture and helps keeping it simple and clean’.

The final result is so amazing that it was nominated for a 2014 Interior Award in the Retail category.

Why choose GreenStuf AAB for your next project

Suitable for a range of applications

Highly versatile and ideal for managing noise in theatres, studios, auditoriums, offices and retail complexes

Versatile install options

Install behind modular ceiling and wall panels or direct fixed to exposed on ceiling joists for industrial look

Safer indoor air quality

GreenStuf does not contain any added chemicals such as formaldehyde based binders or fibres that can be breathed into your lungs

Recycled content & recyclable

GreenStuf is manufactured using a minimum of 45% previously recycled polyester fibre (from PET plastic) and is reusable and recyclable at end of life