A new carbon neutral product initiative

Introducing our first carbon neutral product initiative

Our carbon neutral product initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions now, in the future, and on a global scale. Our in-house sustainability team takes a systematic approach in measuring the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the supply and delivery of our products. Using this data, Autex invests in carbon credits used towards a variety of climate change schemes that reduce or remove carbon emissions from the environment.  

What are carbon credits?

The carbon credits, generated from the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), go towards a variety of climate change projects that have a positive carbon impact. For instance, carbon credits may be generated from projects that replace dirty fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy, reduced energy consumption projects, or forest generation projects. These projects in the CDM are routinely audited by our sustainability team to verify impacts, and carbon credits are managed to avoid any double counting

Why offset?

The window of opportunity to transition to a low-carbon path that will eventually have significant impacts, is rapidly closing. Carbon offsetting reduces emissions in the immediate term while the world transitions to using cleaner, more energy-efficient technology and infrastructures globally. As changing to a low to no carbon world infrastructure is a long-term goal, offsetting allows Autex to contribute now.

Get involved

The process involves the following steps:

  • Contact your account manager to discuss your project. 
  • Should the project be appropriate, the carbon footprint of the product is calculated, and the emissions are offset by purchasing third-party carbon credits.
  • Once the carbon credits are confirmed, a certificate will be issued to verify the carbon neutrality of the product used in the project 



Have questions about our carbon neutral product initiative?

Have questions about our carbon neutral product initiative?

An Autex account or specification manager can assist you with more information regarding the details of our carbon neutral program.