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Acoustic wellness in the modern office

Healthy workspaces start with acoustics

As the world changes and adapts to the new normal, employee wellbeing is as important as ever. While conversations circle around designing offices to facilitate social distancing, sanitising, and Zoom calls—it’s important to take a holistic approach to workplace wellness.

Acoustic wellness is often overlooked, but studies show that without acoustic treatment, office spaces can quickly become noisy, stressful environments. Symptoms of prolonged exposure to auditory stimuli range from tiredness and distraction to pain and high blood pressure. Over time, these symptoms can lead to decreased productivity and staff dissatisfaction.

How can office design contribute to, and improve, wellbeing in the workplace?

Transform your space into a healthy, thriving workplace with acoustic treatment

Autex Interior Acoustics are beautiful, design lead acoustic solutions for the modern workspace—scroll over the pinpoints to see the products in action.

Acoustic treatment doubles as stunning mural for Australian Volunteers International

Since its launch, Australian Volunteers International has enabled more than 15,000 volunteers to respond to challenges across the Indo-Pacific region as part of the government’s international aid program. Architects Dasch Associates and designers Jonik teamed up with Autex to create a stunning Etch™ feature wall for their new workspace—representing their global work efforts through a sprawling world map decal.

Design better, healthier workplaces with science

Design better, healthier workplaces with science

“Creating a positive workplace experience is predominantly about employee behaviour, and the efficiency of the space to support such behaviors. A crucial element of an efficient workspace is acoustics. Regardless of how beautiful, ergonomic, and covid safe a space is—if it sounds terrible, no one will want to work there. Understanding the basics of sound science and acoustic design will give you the knowledge and skills to design better, acoustically sound spaces…”

Seven insights into acoustic wellness in the workplace

Seven insights into acoustic wellness in the workplace

“The modern office is nigh unrecognisable alongside the drab, beige cubicle maze of the 80’s and 90’s. From standing desks and ergonomic mouse pads to in-house naturopaths and flexible hours, the workplace wellness trend is transforming the way we live, work, and play. However, with the popularity of exposed brick, polished concrete, and floor to ceiling glass in contemporary office design, acoustics are often an afterthought. To help you design better workspaces, we’ve collated seven valuable insights into acoustic wellness…”


Saunders Havill Group

When Saunders Havill Group found the perfect premises for their Brisbane-based headquarters—a large, high-ceilinged warehouse in a convenient location—internal noise levels were a major drawback. Entirely open plan, with lofty ceilings, the building presented both design opportunities and acoustic challenges…

Acoustic wellness in the workplace

Acoustic wellness in the workplace

“While much focus is placed on the ergonomic health of an office space, it is fair to say that considerably less is given to creating a healthy acoustic environment—despite evidence that poor acoustics can have detrimental effects on employees’ wellbeing.

Acoustic treatment can drastically reduce excess reverberation and echo in office spaces, particularly in open-plan applications. They can contribute to employee wellbeing, decreased absenteeism, and greater productivity and profitability.

This whitepaper will provide a detailed examination of the effects of poor acoustic treatment in the office, and how these issues may be mitigated through the smart specification of high-performance acoustic solutions.”

Balancing collaboration with privacy: focus in the chaos of the open-plan office

Balancing collaboration with privacy: focus in the chaos of the open-plan office

Do you find it difficult to focus at work? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. In Gallup’s recent report on the State of the Global Workplace, researchers found that only 15 percent of workers worldwide are engaged and inspired at work, with 85 percent either not engaged, or actively disengaged. The average person will spend roughly 90,000 hours working in their lifetime, but if the majority of this time is spent distracted, disengaged and uninspired—it’s a tragic waste of potential…

Customisation options

As creators and innovators, we understand the pursuit of the bold and unusual, the rare and exceptional—the brave, colour-outside-the-lines ideas. Every space you design is unique, therefore, every element—from floor to ceiling—should be tailored to fit. Our customisation tools offer unique avenues for creative expression to help you achieve your vision—all that’s left to explore are the boundaries of your imagination.