Designing successful hospitality spaces with acoustics

Why acoustic treatment is so important for restaurants, bars, and cafes

A vibrant, buzzing atmosphere is one of many draw cards for people seeking a place to dine out. Alongside quality food and drink, location, and good service, patrons enjoy a good playlist and the hum of restaurant life as a welcome accompaniment to their meal. However, without acoustic treatment, this gentle buzz can quickly become a deafening roar—particularly with a full house—leaving diners unable to hold a conversation, and staff stressed out.

Applying acoustic treatment in hospitality spaces helps to maintain comfortable noise levels so the space feels alive, but not rowdy. Not only does this make it easier for patrons to hear and understand each other, but it lowers stress levels in staff and reduces the likelihood of servers making mistakes.

A meal for the senses: the value of acoustic treatment in restaurants

For restaurant designers and specifiers, a huge amount of time and effort goes into creating the right ambience for the venue. How bright should the lighting be? What colours will bring the space to life? What construction materials and fittings should be used? Given the thought that goes into creating these spaces, it’s somewhat surprising that comparatively little time is given to restaurant acoustics…

The Tompkins Park Sports Bar upgrade

The Tompkins Park Sports Bar upgrade

The Tompkins Sports Bar upgrade by FINESPUN Architecture transformed this local Perth establishment into an attractive riverside bar, restaurant and multi-purpose function venue. Frontier Acoustic Fins and Cube were applied in the central hall to create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where the community can come together and enjoy good food, drinks, and conversation without straining their voices.

Socialising in comfort: the importance of acoustics in hospitality

When a pleasurable sensory experience is the main goal of your business, it’s imperative that the space is carefully designed to provide patrons with the best experience possible in order to gain repeat business. Noise reduction and better acoustics not only improve sensory experience, but protect the hearing and overall wellbeing of everyone within the space. By reducing noise within a venue overall, acoustic treatment also contributes to customer retention and return and thus the ongoing profitability of the venue.

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